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Depression begs Jesus to ask it the question “Do you want to be healed?”

And then depression really scratches its head over that one. Because depression is a juggernaut, and it does not want to be healed, even if you do.

Praying for days, singing praises to the Lord for days, burying myself in the Bible and in scripture and no change. All day long, singing “Awesome God,” ALL DAY LONG as I sadly went about what little business I could. There really is no such thing as the patience of Job. Read it. Job bitches the whole way through until maybe the very end. I think my praises and prayers were faithless.

I knew the doors that were opening in my mind since going off mirtazapine would eventually start slamming shut again. They always tease me, get me excited that I may be getting it all back, then they always slam shut. I feel, disconnectedly, like the characters in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Zaphod without his Thinking Cap. Running through the dirt being slapped with giant flyswatters every time I say the word, “think.” My brain is dying.

I feel like I have tried just about everything. I’ve been in this funk all month, a deep, miserable depression that keeps me completely useless. Sometimes I can just go through the motions. In between bouts of crying, and lying in bed, I will get a pit-pat of worry about the horses and run out to the barn and back 40 to check on them. Or I will clean a bathroom. Or I will do the laundry and the dishes, all the while mechanical in my misery. I will help the kids with homework, but I won’t often cook for them though I’m trying to get better about it.

I may have set myself up. I tried the other day, getting along with my husband, as we cheerfully assembled the tree and “decked the halls” and wrapped a present for each of the children, put them under the tree, because one of the kids had said a day or two prior that she was depressed about Christmas, all her friends had trees and presents and everything was ready, and we had nothing. So we went all out for them while they were at school. Like an idiot, I waited eagerly for the happy looks on their faces when they got home.

Nothing. Not even a glance as the shoes were pulled off.

Well, what did I expect?? That little peak of happiness, thinking I’d really done something to pull myself out of my depression; and I had to go and ruin it by not having done it for myself, but hingeing all the success upon the unpredictable reactions of school-age kids.

Down again. ALL the way down.

Hubby and I had a huge fight next, right in front of our daughter.

Could I really be mad at them? The poor kids? My poor husband? Am I? Of course not. I see what I did there. I don’t have to hate Christmas, that is only a choice on my part. I must deck the halls, even if I have to force myself to, because I WANT THEM DECKED for ME, so I can feel happy enough to get through Christmas come Hell or high water (or in this case, a buttload of extremely cloudy days followed by a deluge of snowfall).

I pulled on my cowboy boots and my ear warmers and ran outside. “I hope I die!!!” I cried like an idiot, because I would never want to die, not do THAT to my family, even though I was determined to ride out bareback without a helmet. Riding is pure mindfulness…something I can grasp at reflexively when I have nothing else. I grabbed a bosal hackamore because I had the presence of mind not to stick a frozen bit in Zil’s sensitive Arabian mouth. Unfortunately she is an English trained horse and had never worn a bosal before. She would not even let me get on. The bosal seemed bigger than her whole face. I climbed all over the metal feeder and could not get her to stand (I’m not Legolas, god how I wish I was and could just sling aboard) but no, I’m a clutz. I probably would’ve gotten hurt, but my daughter came out and helped me on her and then climbed on her own Arab, bareback, bridleless, and we rode around the field. Zil hated the bosal, but that was because I was out of my head and not being careful enough with it. My daughter got on and what a difference. That girl can ride. And train.

I don’t know if I felt any better afterwards, after crying and crying into that mare’s mane, rubbing her and her rubbing on me, but that was the idea anyway. My healing horse and I, maybe failed each other, I don’t know. That was all yesterday anyway. Today I’ve done almost nothing. I couldn’t think of a thing to write about.

Here I sit, with nothing to say, and it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Whether I do it, or whether I don’t do it. I just don’t care about anything, but the shit of it is that I do. Somewhere in there, I do care. I hate being bipolar. I hate that I can’t do it. I hate this feeling that I can’t know what is coming next. Maybe I need a med change but that just sounds so facile! There has got to be more to life than meds.


    • Pining for Grace
    • Posted December 21, 2012 at 3:41 pm
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    It’s been said that winter months tend to be more depressing because of the lack of vitamin d. A lot of people don’t like hearing about diet change and such to help beat depression. There’s many reasons one could be depressed. I systematically break down like this. Nutrition, it’s a needed foundation to build upon. Avoiding stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, some have caffeine allergies that mimic mental illness. Self awareness, to learn what we will and will not tolerate, to learn what’s in our control and what isn’t. Logic, you can’t change people, only yourself.


    • Hello Pining,
      Thank you for your helpful supportive ideas. So can you predict when you will have breakdowns? Are there certain times of the year?
      As a matter of fact I always get so depressed around Christmas and I do overdo the caffeine! Oops! I was down to 0-1 cups a day for a couple of months. That would be truly weird if I had an allergy to it. I found out I probably have an alergy to dairy too, so you could be right on with the vitamin D thing.


        • Pining for Grace
        • Posted December 26, 2012 at 11:26 pm
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        To be honest, I have been inconsistent in my own life. I would do all the right things for a couple of months and slide back… I never predict how I will feel in the future, there’s a hidden danger in doing that if I or anyone predicts gloom and doom. If you believe you will be depressed over the holidays, you then manifest and or reinforce that reality because you believe that’s what will be.

        I just launched my webpage on The Martial Laws of Happiness if you want to take a peek. 🙂 The page is ever growing. I did finally get to the article about the dangers of caffeine with important resource links that are a must read i-n those laws to happiness. I haven’t gotten to the vitamin d one yet.

        In short, we get vitamin d from the sun. What we get in food is not nearly enough. I got low and am taking 25,000 IU’s per day. But I can not tell you or anyone what to take or how much because I’m not a certified practitioner. What I do, is give people the information as “Food for thought”, it is then up to them on how the choose to use that information and do their own research by cross referencing different sources and talking to a health care professional.

        Take it this way, my own wife is suffering multiple health woes. Depression, diabetes, heart problems and some other things… Guess what? I can’t treat her! All I can do is pass along what I learned to her. If she chooses not to use that information, that’s her right. Because if I attempted to treat her and anything went wrong? I could be in a heap of trouble. Yeah, she continues to suffer, there’s nothing I can do about it if she doesn’t want to trust or try alternative treatments.


        • Pining for Grace
        • Posted December 28, 2012 at 8:36 am
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        I just wrote an article that may answer some questions you may have. 🙂


  1. I loved reading your story. I’m sorry you’re struggling – I personally know far too much about these struggles. I found some relief knowing that I wasn’t along in this fight to find a reconciliation between mood disorders and being the perfect family man/woman.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I think what helps the most on days like these is knowing they are going to end and tomorrow may be brighter. The best thing I can do to help myself is to go out of my way to be there for my family…and at the times when I feel that I least want to make that connection, that is when it turns out the most positively.


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