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These are books/poetry that I’ve come across that have philosophically and/or emotionally helped, engaged or edified me…pitifully small list so far. I thought I’d pass them along and add to the list as more come along or to mind…because there are a LOT; I just can’t remember them all at once! Blogroll and links to a few resources are down clear at the bottom because of how this blog’s theme’s designed.

Carl Jung, Answer to Job
Daniel Stern, The Suicide Academy –  (this literary novel is a story of redemption)
Deepak Chopra, Quantum Healing
Edward F. Edinger, Ego and Archetype
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra
Joy Harjo, “She Had Some Horses”, She Had Some Horses
J. P. Dourley, The Illness That We Are
Leonard Bird, “Self Consecration”, River of Lost Souls
Linda Kohanov, The Tao of Equus
Oriah Mountain Dreamer, “The Invitation”
Papalos & Papalos, The Bipolar Child
Paul Tillich, The New Being
Rumi, Unseen Rain
Bible, especially Isaiah, Psalms, Job, Ecclesiastes and pretty much the whole New Testament (Although I am Christian and love the Bible, obviously I have more than a few issues with God)

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