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Everyone seems to have a disclaimer, and I realize that I need one too.

This is an intensely personal blog, and everything in here is based on my experiences and reactions to things. Some of the posts will be disturbing. Some may contain triggers, for which I apologize. I have triggers that no one would find sense in, myself.

I am only an individual with bipolar disorder, not a professional anything…except maybe a professional whiner.

A few of the posts are disrespectful to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. These posts are based upon negative experiences they seemed to apply to. They should in NO WAY be taken as advice not to learn or practice DBT. DBT is an extremely helpful tool, and the skills learned can be lifesaving, sanity-saving, or invaluable in helping an individual weather difficult times and situations. This blog as a whole does not intend to slur DBT and I want to make it known that overall, I appreciate DBT. I have done the whole class (it helped me tremendously) and attend a few post-DBT groups as time allows.

It is my wish that anyone who reads this blog takes away with them only what is useful and remembers that these are personal experiences and views. It is my hope that readers of this blog will find tidbits that help them realize they are not alone, as I have found in other blogs. Happy reading.



  1. Hi again! A Canvas Of The Minds has kicked off their Blog For Mental Health 2013 campaign, and I pledged you on my own blog as someone I would really like to have included:

    I think your candid voice would be very welcome 🙂


  2. Can I ask you? How did you get the background behind your writing to be black and the letters – white?
    Can you go to my “Contact Me” page and tell me how you did this?


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